About Finansportalen

Finansportalen.no is a web service provided by the Norwegian Consumer Council. Its main purpose is to empower consumers and provide them with the opportunity to make well-founded decisions on the market for financial services. The portal is a tool which helps consumers compare the different products offered by the financial services industry.

Our services

At the end of 2009, the Finansportalen website comprised information on prices and terms for a total of 768 different mortgages, 1,048 savings products from banks and 399 price lists for daily banking services. In addition, the web site displays prices and other relevant data connected to an estimated 120 securities funds and insurance terms for around 80 general insurance products within travel, car, home contents and private house insurance.

The finansportalen.no strategy, version 1, places a principal focus on comparison, juxtaposition and structuring of information related to general insurance, the most important banking services and savings. Other products and business areas within the financial services industry will be included in later versions of finansportalen.no. 

The use of brandnames and registered business names by financial institutions

Certain banks have a different brandname for their financial services and products than the registered business name of the bank itself, e.g. Postbanken (brandname) and DnB NOR Bank ASA (registered business name). Membership in the Norwegian Banks' Guarantee Fund and regulations regarding duty of confidentiality rely on the bank being an independent enterprise. It is therefore important for consumers to know the registered business name of a bank. On the finansportalen.no website, all bank barometers include the registered business name for the bank in brackets after the brandname, e.g. Postbanken (DnB NOR Bank ASA).

Banking services - current prices for new customers

As Finansportalen aims to assist users by presenting alternative providers on the financial market, it is natural that the portal presents prices which apply for moving from one bank to another. The interest rates published on finansportalen.no shall therefore be in line with those effective for new customers.  The banks are obliged to update their prices on the first day they are offered to consumers. This means that we publish new prices for new customers to the general public at 00.01 on the day they come into effect. Click here to read more about How up-to-date are the bank prices on finansportalen.no? | Finansportalen.no.

The service providers are responsible for updating the information presented on finansportalen.no, ensuring that it is in accordance with the price information on their own web sites at all times. Finansportalen checks the price information entered, but also recommends that consumers review the price information on the provider's web site before making a final decision.

Use of our data

The content on the finansportalen web site is protected according to the provisions of the Copyright Act. Any utilisation of text, catalogues, tables, price lists etc. from our web sites, whether in printed or digital format, is only permitted if finansportalen.no is stated as source. A specific agreement with finansportalen.no is required for reproduction of the price lists on finansportalen.no for business purposes. Click here to read more about use of our data (Norwegian article)

Contact persons

Finansportalen.no has a staff of enthusiastic employees who work hard to help you navigate your way through the financial services industry as easily as possible:

Editor and manager:                                                 Elisabeth Realfsen + 47 23 40 05 86/ 93 21 80 30

ICT Manager:                                                              Raif Aaker:   + 47 23 40 06 57/ 91 62 42 61

Web coordinator, insurances:                                Jon Erland Madsen + 47 23 40 05 83/ 93 06 131 6

Web coordinator, banking:                                      Brigitte Watz + 47 23 40 05 82/ 47 48 87 90

Web coordinator, money transfers abroad:        Nelly Urb Nome + 47 23 40 05 19/  93 42 14 48 


Based on an initiative by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway, the Consumer Ombudsman and the Norwegian Consumer Council, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Children, Equality and Inclusion decided to develop an information solution which collates and collects information regarding financial services for consumers. 

The decision was presented as part of the fiscal budget for 2007, in which funds were granted to develop and establish finansportalen.no. The portal is thus a political project on the part of the Norwegian government. Finansportalen was launched as a trial version on 14 January 2008 and has since been enhanced and developed to include new services and solutions. Effective as of 1 January 2010, Finansportalen is organised as a department of the Norwegian Consumer Council.

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